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HelpUKR offers lots of ways to help support Ukraine, from simply using your computer to donating to charities.
We offer the best JavaScript based website flood tool for efficiently participating in flooding Russian propaganda and infrastructure helping aid Putin's war, It's always keep up-to-date with the daily targets chosen by the IT Army of Ukraine and has great success rates. We do this because of all the people being murdered, tortured and raped every day, cities being destroyed randomly, the 15000+ War crimes that happen every day since the war started. There will be a new page for each day until this war ends and Putin is removed from power.
As well as browser flood tools, we offer a huge archive of information for all related subjects.
Click here to see a livefeed of real news on russias invasion of Ukraine.

As well as our flood tools, Below a list of content from the IT Army of Ukraine's Telegram servers, various onlinesources and this GitHub repo. All info is kept in one place, don't hesitate to contribute to the repository, includingvarious files, or fork for backup reasons. If new content is contributed we think is useful we'll include it here.

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Below are some popular choices for charity's that help Ukraine:


To see a bigger list with lots more charity's listed, Click Here

Below are the top three computer programs based on effectiveness that could be used to help Ukraine:

Below is a list of ways you can donate to help support Ukraine, These lists will automaticly scroll until the cursot enters.